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*17* How to Care for Ingrown Hairs
*17* How to Care for Ingrown Hairs

Aahh, the plight of the smooth! The ingrown hair.


Despite our best efforts to get rid of unruly body hair, it will inevitably fight it's way back to the surface in the form of the unsightly and uncomfortable ingrown hair.


Indiscriminately, these little (or big!) zits seem to sneak up anywhere hair is removed, whether on your face, shoulders or bikini line.


And the worst part of it all, is that the chosen method of hair removal is irrelevant. Unfortunately, with all its incredible “pro’s” in comparison to other methods, even waxing can lead to the same side effect: unsightly razor burn. *Sigh!*


These bumps, especially when on the face or neck, can be embarrassing for even the most seasoned makeup artist. And we all know that there's not much that makeup can do for your bikini line in a more intimate situation.


Plus on top of all that, makeup isn't all that good to put over a breakout of any kind. It can worsen breakouts, and even create new issues, leading down an acne spiral that is hard to get out of.


There's still some good news, though!


Whether you shave, tweeze or wax, there are several ways to help you prevent this unwelcomed follicle assault.


  1. Make sure that your razor is fresh and sharp. A new razor slices cleanly through each hair, while a dull razor tugs at the hairs, causing unnecessary irritation.
  2. Keep dirty hands away from a freshly smoothed area. Our hands carry millions of germs at any given moment, which can lead to a myriad of troubles, including staff infections.
  3. Immediately after hair removal, apply a razor burn aid to the area. Some options can include baby oil, sensitive skin lotions, witch hazel, or the newest addition to our recommended-products line: The Cool Fix.
  4. Avoid hot or tight clothing for the next 24 hours, to help reduce the chance of irritation.
  5. Let your esthetician know. If you're still struggling with this issue despite your best efforts, you may be a good candidate for sensitive wax.


All of these tips can help you keep your freshly-waxed self smooth and beautiful for as long as possible.


When navigating your own personal beauty routine, no matter your style, it helps to have tricks that make your life simpler! *Especially now that warmer weather equals showing more skin*


So.. wax away! (Without fear of the dreaded, unsightly razor burn!)


And revel in the knowledge that you can handle the next razor burn outbreak, or maybe even prevent it all together!


Happy Waxing!


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