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*16* The Proper Way To Shave (Hint: Don't!)
*16* The Proper Way To Shave (Hint: Don't!)

Shaving: We've all been doing it for years. Our momma's taught us, just like their momma's taught them. The razors have changed over time, but the tried and true technique has always remained the same.


         Step One: Apply soap or shaving cream


         Step Two: Sit or stand and bend uncomfortably at the waist, contorting your legs in every way possible to ensure you don't miss anything, while trying not to fall out of the shower, or off the tub ledge.


         Step 3: Take your time. You know, because you have plenty to spare.


         Step 4: Dry legs once finished, administering first aid to the bleeding gash on your ankle bone (or the back of your knee) that you sustained while rushing.


         Step 5: Repeat everyday, forever.


         Ugh! What an archaic routine!


         Why do we even still subject ourselves to this daily torture routine when there are clearly better ways to remove hair and uphold our standards of beautiful smoothness?


         Let me break down for you how going to get waxed at Sugar Mama Waxing can shake up your routine for the better.


         First of all, we won't make you hang out in a cold bathroom, and there is a 100% guarantee you will not lose your balance and fall out of a shower while you're here!


         Secondly, there's minimal effort required on your part. You just undress accordingly and make yourself comfortable on the table. We'll take it from there!


         Additionally, you're saving oodles of time on your daily beauty routine. If you imagine ten minutes to shave your legs, and another five minutes to shave under your arms, PLUS another five to ten minutes if you try to shave the nether regions, that adds up to twenty minutes PER DAY or more!


         Even if you skip a day, that's one hundred twenty minutes per week, or four hundred eighty minutes on average per month… that's literally EIGHT HOURS PER MONTH!!...Just shaving!


         OR.. You could come in and relax while we take care of the hair removal. The same three regions could be taken care of in less than TWO hours, at one visit PER MONTH.


       Six hours of spare time to do with whatever you please, each month. You could go pamper yourself, spend more time with your loved ones, or simply catch up on your reading. The possibilities are endless!


       So ditch the razor, you deserve better!


       Call Sugar Mama's today, or book online anytime at


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