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*15* ā˛½ Do I Have Too Much Hair?
*15* ā˛½ Do I Have Too Much Hair?

Across the globe and through the sands of time, many many personal choices regarding body hair have been made.


All around the world, both women and men wake up, use the restroom, and dress for the day. They make conscious decisions about underwear (*or not*), type of clothing, to makeup or go natural, and what to do with their hair.


We stand in front of the mirror, examining, and pinpointing things that we perceive to be flaws. (As humans, we are all very self-critical!)


One of the most critiqued attributes is body hair, I imagine second only to actual physical body structure. And not just the location, but the amount, color, and texture as well. Unfortunately for the hair, it lies on top of the skin, making it the target of frequent examinations, shaving, coloring, or plucking.


Depending on your genes, you may have a lot, or just a little (and let’s be honest, if you think you have too little body hair, then this post doesn’t really apply to you anyway). You may have inherited your dad’s shoulder hair, or your great aunt’s “mustache,” or maybe you just have more hair on your forearms than you care for.


The beautiful thing is this: it’s yours to do with what you please!


If it bothers you, then fix it!


*Not only will we not shame you for it, Sugar Mama’s is a great place to help you tame it*


However, your views on body hair may have more outside influence than you think. Different countries around the world, and their diverse regions, view body hair very differently. Just as much as you and, say, your neighbor!


There are so many factors, outside of your body, that affect your opinions of beauty. Factors like involvement in specific clubs or groups, religions, or work restrictions all play a role in determining our next steps when we’re doing that morning routine.


Maybe it’s the big game and “everybody” is painting their eyebrows school colors; or your brother is dying his chest and stomach hair to reveal his best friend’s baby’s gender on Friday; or whatever the special occasion might be. Perhaps your church requires men to have beards; or conversely, your job forbids facial hair… OR maybe you live in Europe where the more (hair), the merrier! Who knows?!?!


The awesome thing about personal style and where you set the beauty “bar,” is that it is all temporary, and so it can be as fluid and changing as your mood. You also don’t necessarily have to pinpoint exactly why you like the things that you do, it’s okay regardless of the “WHY!”


So while your genetics will put the hair where it pleases, and your geographical location and activities influence how you style it, maybe the most powerful force, is AGE.


Different generations bring up with them, different ideas of beauty. The 60’s and 70’s were full of hair - under the arms, all over the legs, and *ehhem* everywhere else too! The 80’s and 90’s were little eyebrows and BIG hair (thanks, AquaNet!). The early 2000’s brought even smaller eyebrows, tiny plastic butterfly hair clips, and boy-band hair, but the body hair was nowhere to be found! This turn of the century brought mass waxing, electrolysis, and anything else we could think of to make the hair go away.


Meanwhile in Europe, they’d been cutting themselves some slack (jelly!) in the grooming department, and focusing on the arts! While all along, Middle-Eastern women have been waxing away, in family groups of mothers, sisters, aunts, and grandmothers,  for the help and support. *Sometimes I could use a hand to hold too!*


And for what it’s worth, of all the various styles we will try throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably ALWAYS be drawn back to the style that represents the happiest time of our lives. Whatever style brings back the memories and feelings of freedom and fun; that will be the one (*or maybe MANY, if you're lucky*) that speaks to your soul.


To get down to the bare bones of it, You Do You!


If you want rid of the hair you were blessed with, we can help you narrow it down to where you like it, no questions asked… ya know, except the general health ones...


Book your appointment anytime online at or call one of our locations today!


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