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 *11* ā˛½ Lash Extensions
*11* ā˛½ Lash Extensions

Who doesn’t love long, thick, voluptuous lashes?!?! You know the kind I’m talking about.


Take a look at ANY commercial for ANY product that uses an up-close shot of a beautiful woman. Whether it’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel, the gorgeous blonde taking a huge bite out of a Hardee’s burger, or even the sexy motorcycle racer in the mascara commercial.

You can just about bet that any of these ladies are rocking a killer set of fake lashes, because let’s be honest; very rarely is anyone born with lashes naturally long, thick and luscious like THAT.


The good news is this: you can also have lashes like that! No, seriously!


And the better news: you don’t have to glue or magnetize a lash strip on every day either!


Can I get a show of hands for those of us who are absolutely terrible at applying those? …. Ok, so I can’t see you, but I know you’re out there with me!


“How is this possible?” you may ask. The answer is simple: Lash Extensions!


Lash extensions are carefully applied by an esthetician to your individual lashes with an adhesive so that they blend seamlessly with your natural lash line.


Such a process takes a while. Your initial full set can take about 2 hours to apply correctly, but I can tell you they look absolutely stunning when they’re finished.


It feels like you finally have the lashes you should have been born with!


They move and shed with your natural lashes, so just like false nails, you have them filled-in every few weeks to keep them looking as fresh as Day 1.


Caring for them is fairly easy too! You will simply comb thru them with a spoolie brush (like a mascara wand) twice a day to keep them plump and untangled.


Here is a rundown of some of the other care instructions we will provide at checkout for your brand new set:


  1. Avoid getting your lashes wet for a minimum of 2 hours
  2. Avoid pulling or rubbing lashes
  3. Use OIL-FREE makeup remover only, applying gently along the lash line with a Q-tip to cleanse
  4. DO NOT use an eyelash curler
  5. Use oil-free or water-based mascara and eyeliner
  6. DO NOT attempt to remove lash extensions. Doing so may cause damage to natural lashes. Your lash tech can remove them with a special remover.


Check out some of our Before and After Pics on our Facebook page!



And for that super luxurious, movie-star look, check out our New 4D Volume Lashes!


You can find pricing and book your appointment online anytime at


Come see the difference our experienced professionals can make!

A word of advice for the wise: Be careful where and who you let do your new lash extensions! Aside from nasty glue clumps, other bad side effects can range from natural lash damage to eye infections. Whether from inexperience or unsanitary instruments and conditions, things can turn bad quickly!


In short, please be careful letting just anyone mess around your eyes!


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