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*9* ā˛½ Client Etiquette
*9* ā˛½ Client Etiquette

Here it is! 2018 is coming to an end and the winter holidays are just around the corner. Many people are embracing one another, trying to show loved ones how much they are cared for and appreciated… spreading love and joy all around.


However, in all of the chaos of the season, it’s sometimes easy to forget that one of the best gifts you can give anyone is a little courtesy.


That’s right, I’m talking about simple etiquette!


No matter the service industry, there are certain things that are expected from the consumers. Eat at a restaurant? Leave your server a tip! Have a doctor’s appointment? You better be on time!


The waxing and beauty industry is no different!


Here are a few things we could think of that will help ensure you have a top-notch relationship with the friendly girl you pay to pull out those short hairs! You know what I’m talking about!


Here are a few simple guidelines to help point you in the right direction:



If you get a call or text to make sure you are coming, and you reply with a “Yes,” PLEASE show up! Likewise, if you forgot you double-booked yourself, let them know that you need to reschedule. At least 2 hours before your appointment time, but preferably 24 hours before if you can.


Be on time

In any service-based industry, schedules are set up in a way that maximizes the number of appointments seen, and thus, the number of tips a service provider has the opportunity to make. Everyone runs a little late now and then, but it’s polite to call and let them know. Also, be understanding if they need to reschedule you because of it.


Listen to Instructions

Whether getting a Brazilian wax or a spray tan, following your Esthetician’s instructions can help make sure you get the best results for your service. Telling you to get in a specific position or buy/use a particular aftercare product, are all in an effort to help things go as smoothly for you as possible (During and After!).


Speak up!

If you are unhappy with ANY part of your service, please let someone know! Here at Sugar Mama’s, as at any other respectable establishment, we want you to leave having had the best possible experience. So, if you genuinely feel that we missed the mark, please say something so that we can fix it right then.



Tip In Cash

When you tip with your credit or debit card, that amount is taxed before your service provider ever gets it, not to mention that they probably have to wait until payday to see it on their paycheck. So, it actually helps them out if you bring a few dollars in cash for the tip. That way they get the full amount immediately.


Tell Your Friends

Even in the fast-paced, digital world we live in, word of mouth advertising is still the best! So if you love the services you are getting, spread the word! You may even get a little something for referring your friends!


These are just a few ideas to help you develop more meaningful professional relationships with your service providers, whatever the industry.


We all wrap up the year making New Year’s Resolutions we probably aren’t going to stick with… Eat better, Save more money, Lose 50 pounds, blahblahblah!


However, like it or not, spending money in the service industry is something we will all continue to do. So, even if you don’t lose all the weight you wanted you, or you don’t learn to love kale, DO learn to be a better consumer.


With a little research, and some proper etiquette, your name on the appointment book will be one that your Doctor, Dentist, Hairdresser, OR Esthetician will be happy to see!



Thank you for your support throughout this year, and we look forward to seeing your smiling face in the store soon! May 2019 bring you love, good health, and all the happiness your heart can handle! We love and appreciate you! See you next year!

-Sugar Mama


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