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*8* ā˛½ Spray Tans
*8* ā˛½ Spray Tans

Sunglasses on… a good book downloaded on your e-reader… a slight breeze breaking thru the heat… the waves crashing against the sand and gently rolling up to your toes…


Ahh! I can practically taste the salty air now and see the beautifully tanned beach bodies bouncing around just down the way!


It’s a nice thought, as I sit here looking out the window at a dreary December day and think about the fact that family Christmas photos are coming up and I’m gonna be the one sitting front and center looking like I forgot to take off my Casper costume after halloween. Boo!


Ugh! How did it sneak up on me again?!?


If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, it’s not too late to remedy this tragedy!


We may not be able to do anything about the seasons or the weather, but By Golly!, you don’t have to walk around looking pale and pasty just because the weather turned a little cold!


“But I don’t like using tanning beds!”


We get it! Using tanning beds can open you up to some pretty nasty complications down the road. Just a few of the issues you could face include not just wrinkles and premature aging, but also some pretty heavy hitters like skin cancer and vision damage from the UV exposure.


We have a much safer option for you… spray tans!


All of our spray tans here at Sugar Mama’s are sprayed on by hand, by one of our trained, professional estheticians. So you don’t even have to try to remember all of the complicated instructions or watch a confusing video that comes along with some of the larger tanning places and their automated spray booths.


Those can set you up for some serious mishaps if you are not careful….  Am I Right?!?!



So...let’s not let a tragedy turn into a fiasco!



We will even provide you with tips and instructions to help maintain your beautiful, sun-kissed look for as long as possible. They can last up to 2 weeks if cared for properly!


If this idea is new to you and you still have a few questions, check out our last blog post. It has several common Q & A’s, about spray tans and waxing, to help you feel a little more informed.


Be sure you let us know about any serious allergies though, as our tanning solution contains walnuts and could be hazardous to someone with a severe nut allergy! Better safe than sorry!


Come by either Sugar Mama Waxing location to get your summertime glow back!


You can also call and we will happily get your appointment set up, or book online anytime at


And if you love it as much as I know you will, ask us about our Unlimited Tanning monthly membership, and keep that beach bunny look all year round!


Now… come on in and get that tushy tanned!!



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