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*7* ā˛½ Waxing 411
*7* ā˛½ Waxing 411

The smoother, the better! That’s what we always say!


If you have never tried waxing before, we think you definitely should! Waxing not only removes hair and exfoliates, but it also has a way of making you feel beautiful, and a little more confident than you did when you first walked thru the door.


Before you go out and buy a do-it-yourself home waxing kit, please know that some things are better left to the professionals…. Waxing included!


It can sometimes be tricky to get things even and lets be real... That could be disastrous! We definitely don’t want to see you have to go through some really awkward explanations, whether it ends up affecting your family photos…. Or even what was supposed to be a more intimate encounter. Yikes!


Luckily, Sugar Mama Waxing has 2 locations that are open 7 days a week to help fit your busy schedule. So book online or just give us a call to get you set up with an appointment and answer any questions you may have beforehand.


Speaking of questions… we get several pretty common ones, so we thought it would be nice to take a moment to address some of those. We always want you to be as informed as you possibly can be, especially when it comes to health and beauty trends.


So, here goes!


Question #1: What do I need to wear to my appointment?


Answer: Preferably something loose and comfortable. Whether you are getting waxed or a spray tan, clothing that is tight against your skin can cause uncomfortable irritation to freshly waxed areas and can cause your tan to rub off unevenly before you even really get to enjoy it.



Question #2: What do I need to do BEFORE my body waxing appointment?


Answer: Be sure to shower and exfoliate as you normally would before your appointment. That way you can have 24 hours to let the freshly waxed skin rest and heal before you have to worry about showering again.


Fact: Your aesthetician will be getting up close and personal with you and will also appreciate you being fresh and clean… *everywhere*


Question #3: What will I need to do AFTER the wax?


Answer: For best results, you will want to follow a few simple instructions, which we will also provide to you at checkout:

  1. Avoid tight clothing on the freshly waxed areas
  2. Avoid touching the area, as this can encourage irritation
  3. Opt for a shower instead of a bath
  4. No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for 48 hours
  5. Avoid sexual activity for at least 24 hours; and
  6. Wait 48 hours before exfoliating

Question #4: How bad is the Brazilian wax going to hurt?


Answer: It’s not nearly as bad as your brain wants you to think! That’s not to say that it won’t be a little uncomfortable, but try to remember that the discomfort does not last forever… and the end result is well worth the 45 minutes in the back room. Smooth is always sexy! I should also add that the first visit is more uncomfortable than any that follow. For first-timers, there’s a modesty factor that you may be struggling with, as well as a fear of the unknown. But once you experience the care and professionalism of one of our estheticians, I promise that you will feel more at ease. Take the leap, it’s worth it!


Question #5: How long will the Brazilian wax last?


Answer: Commonly about 2 weeks before you see regrowth, but that can differ from person to person, just based on the rate of their own personal hair growth.


Question #6: How long should I wait before I come back to get waxed again?


Answer: About 4 weeks, again just based on each person’s rate of hair growth. However, it is helpful to keep to that routine to help train your hair to come back thinner and more sparse over time. **Ask about our Sugar Baby Club to help save some money on your monthly maintenance!**


Question #7: How long should the hair be for me to get waxed?

Answer: About ¼ inch, or 7-10 days worth of hair growth after shaving. This helps to ensure that the wax has enough hair to really grab on to, in turn making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck!


Question #8: Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant?


Answer: Yes! Pregnant women can sometimes be more sensitive than women who are not expecting, but unless your doctor says otherwise, we can definitely help to get you delivery-room ready!


Question #9: Can I get a Brazilian wax if I’m on my period?


Answer: With the help of a tampon, yes! I could elaborate, but we’ll just leave it at that….


Question #10: Do I have be 18 to get waxed or a spray tan?


Answer: No, but you will have to have a parent with you to sign your consent form.


Question #11: What will I need to do AFTER my spray tan?


Answer: You should definitely wait 8-10 hours before showering, working out, swimming or sweating; and be sure to moisturize after your showers to extend the life of your tan. Avoid exfoliating, as well as chlorine in hot tubs and pools to maintain the best results possible.  


Question #12: How long will my spray tan last?


Answer: Your spray tan can last up to 2 weeks with proper care. Follow the instructions in the answer to Question #11 for best results.


Question #13: What is the difference between the Regular and the Bronzing spray tans?


Answer: The Regular spray tan is great for light to medium skin tones, while the Bronzing is a better option for more olive to dark skin tones. You can book either appointment over the phone or online, but if you are still unsure, feel free to ask when you get here and your esthetician will gladly help you figure out which would be better for your skin tone.


Question #14: Can I get a wax and a spray tan on the same day?


Answer: Yes, in that order. You will need to get any waxing done first, but then it is perfectly fine to spray tan immediately after. Take care of everything in one trip!


Question #15: Can I get waxed if I have a sunburn?


Answer: No. The 48 hour rule applies best here. If you have been sunburned in the past 48 hours, or in the next 48 hours are going to be exposed to a lot of UV rays, enough that sunburn is likely, than it is best to hold off on the waxing. We know that sometimes it’s hard to judge when you might be getting sunburned ahead of time, but if you are visibly pink at the time of your appointment, it’s better to wait than to damage your skin further with waxing.


Question #16: Can I get waxed if I use Retin-A, Chromium, Renova, or Accutane?


Answer: No, absolutely not! It is imperative that you let your esthetician know if you use Retin-A or any of these other products listed, because waxing could literally remove the skin from the area. And I can assure you, neither they or you, want that!


Question #17: What if I’m not sure if I am using any of those products?


Answer: The products listed in Question #16 are not purchased over the counter and must be obtained with a doctor or dermatologist prescription. Similar over the counter treatments, such as Retinol, have some of the same ingredients, but much more diluted. Because they do not have the same potency as their prescription counterparts, they are much safer when it comes to waxing. If you have a question or concern about a product that you are using, be sure to bring it up to your esthetician and they can give you an answer and help set your mind at ease.


We hope you have found all of these Q&A’s to be helpful, but if you think of anything else we did not address, hit us up on Facebook ( or just call one of the locations and we will happily answer any and all of your questions.


Happy Waxing!


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