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*3* ➽ Beautiful Brows of History (and who’s Rocking them today!)
*3* ➽ Beautiful Brows of History (and who’s Rocking them today!)

If you’re anything like me, over the past few years, you’ve been desperately reaching for every brow serum, over the counter hair growth treatment and at home remedy that you can think of, to get some fullness into your brows.


And now, here we are! 2018 has dawned, and with it, the year of the “Textured Brow”.


Instagram and Youtube influencers are throwing out buzzwords like “dimension, texture and fullness” and we’ve landed on a brow trend that actually makes this year a “one size fits all”.  


Since the 1920’s when Anna May Wong graced us with the delicately thin and downwardly curved brow, all the way through the more natural “Hepburn effect” of the 1960’s; it has been a sometimes strange and even amusing journey.


Let’s reminisce together, as we take a journey through the Beautiful Brows of History.



Trend: uber thin, dramatic, downward curve

Anna May Wong


Clara Bow



Trend: rounded, upward bend, filled in darker to uplay the bend

       Merle Oberon        


Billie Holiday




Trend: fuller, more natural looking shapes

Joan Crawford





Trend: pointed arch, fuller tails

Lena Horne


Marilyn Monroe


Elizabeth Taylor     


Eartha Kitt




Trend: short, neat, understated, more rounded (emphasized) arch

Audrey Hepburn


Nina Simone


1960’s Mod Trend included the graphic eyes and statement eyeliner of icons like Twiggy prompting an arch, with thin rounded tails to complement the liner.





Trend: ultra glam makeup; thin, overly arched

Donna Summer


Aretha Franklin


Pam Grier


Diana Ross



Trend: full brows, often with hairs combed upwards for an exaggerated look

Brooke Shields



Whitney Houston


1980’s pop trend followed in the footsteps of Madonna, prompting some women to allow their arches to grow in completely.



1980’s fashion forward trend; including supermodel Grace Jones, opted for graphic brows with a severe upward slant.



Trend: pencil-thin, often over plucked, curved, narrow silhouette

Kate Moss   


Sherilyn Fenn


Drew Barrymore





Trend: thinner than the 90’s, super arched

Christina Aguilera                  


Cameron Diaz


Trend: bigger is better, natural, full & bold, powerful arches


Carla Delevinge


Kim Kardashian


And here we are in 2018, almost 100 years of eyebrows. What a journey it’s been! It will be interesting to see what 2020 will bring. I have high hopes for the Hepburn effect; a true testament to a classic age of beauty.


Join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram - use #BrowsofHistory to tell us what your favorite look/decade was, and what you hope to see in 2020!


The fact is - no matter the decade, no matter the styles, or who is wearing them - your face is yours! Embrace the nuances that give it personality, and use the eyebrow shape that enhances those features.


That style + that confidence...TIMELESS.  


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