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*2* ā˛½Finding the Right Brow for Your Face Shape
*2* ā˛½Finding the Right Brow for Your Face Shape

Sometimes the prospect of picking the right brow-shape to compliment your face-shape and features can be a little intimidating. There are so many things to consider: hair length, nose size, cheekbones, shape of your chin, width of your eyes, etc. The list goes on and on! Think about it too hard and it begins to resemble E=MC2, am I right?!


However, armed with the right information, nothing is impossible! And luckily, I’ve already put all the useful information conveniently in one place for you! Read on to become your own eyebrow guru, and learn how best to tame those face caterpillars!


Let’s start with the 5 basic brow shapes:

  1. Round
  2. Angled
  3. Soft Angled
  4. Curved
  5. Flat


So now that we’ve seen the shapes, what kind of power does each of them really hold?


Round adds softness to the face and helps to soften sharp features. Angled helps to give a youthful appearance, creating a strong brow that works well with a square jaw. It can also help slim a round or diamond face. Soft Angled has a softer and subtler peak, giving a more feminine look. Curved projects confidence and professionalism, working especially well on on a square or oval face. Flat is perfect for those with long faces. The horizontal lines can make the face appear shorter and more oval.


To find the right equation to help start your transformation, there are 3 Main Steps:


Step 1: Find your face shape. No one shape is better than another. The trick is use what you know to enhance it! Pull your hair back and remove all makeup, then take a good long look in the mirror. And though your face may not match one of the descriptions below exactly, it will probably come pretty close.



Face Shapes

Step 2: What are you Signature Features? Strong features, such as a prominent chin or large nose are not always undesirable. They just need to be counteracted by another strong feature….Eyebrows to the rescue!


A great set of brows will help to draw attention to the eyes, which is often our best feature, and help to open up the face.


Face already seem pretty balanced? Great! You can skip to Step 3.


Something stand out to you when you look in the mirror? Large eyes that are more wide-set than you like? Prominent nose? Super high cheekbones?


Can’t decide? Have your bestie help! If she can’t help either, make an appointment and we’ll be happy to help you!


Step 3: What is your Brow Strength?: Strong, prominent features call for a strong brow. Delicate features call for a light brow. Play around with different strengths to find what works for you. Three main things to remember:

  1. The closer the brow is to the eye, the stronger it will appear.
  2. The thicker the brow, the stronger it will appear.
  3. The darker the brow, the stronger it will appear.


And just like that, we’re all done! That wasn’t so bad!


Now you just put all this information to use, and go get your new look on!


Wait, what’s that?


Head still spinning and all those words running together?


Here is a rundown of the best and worst brows for each face shape :) Because who doesn’t love a cheat sheet?!?


Face Shape

Best Brow

Worst Brow


Round Face

Angled w/ high arch and short tail

Round (makes appear even rounder)


Long Face

Flat and Horizontal

Angled w/ high arch and short tail


Square Face

Angled w/ sharp peak OR Curved w/ a sharp peak    

Round (won't balance a strong jaw)


Heart-shaped Face     

Round (to soften point of chin)

Flat and Horizontal



Angled OR Curved brow w/ a peak

Flat (Makes a wide face look even wider)


Oval Face

Soft Angled

Too high of an arch (you will look surprised or angry all the time! Eek!)  


Wasn’t that handy? Stop by and see us today to get you off on the right track!


Good luck and safe travels on your Brow Journey!

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