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*1* ā˛½The Power of the Brow
*1* ā˛½The Power of the Brow

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. But how plain (and boring!) are even the prettiest windows without the right window treatments?!? The same applies to the relationship between your eyes and your eyebrows. Not only are those brows helping you express your emotions, they can be one of your biggest assets… or one of your biggest flaws!


Yikes! Talk about pressure.


The reason behind this: Well-shaped brows balance the rest of the face, bringing your best features into focus and downplaying flaws. In fact, it’s power is so strong, that changing your brow shape can change the way people perceive you, without changing anything else.


Looking for a smarter, more confident, sexier look? Just look up! The answer could be right there on your face!


But wait just a moment before you run off to the bathroom to grab those tweezers out of the cabinet…. Such power cannot be taken lightly. Brow hairs grow back VERY slowly, so you don’t want to tweeze them into oblivion just trying to achieve a new shape; or worse, royally jack-up just one side! (GASP!)


It can be tricky business getting both sides lined up evenly, AND find the most flattering style to fit the shape of your face. But have no fear! An experienced, licensed professional can help you with both needs, AND without breaking the bank! In the world of waxing, eyebrows and the area between (called an Angel Kiss by those in the Biz) come with a relatively small price tag, compared to other regions of the body.


So what does that mean? It means that beautiful eyebrows can be attainable for almost everybody, whether you’re the CEO of a billion dollar corporation, or a College student on a ramen noodle budget!  *Hallelujah and Amen!*


Okay. So we’ve established Why it’s so important to show those eyebrows some love, and you know Where you can go to get help with them (Sugar Mama’s, of course!), but maybe you’re just not sure about trusting someone else with something as important as picking the right shape for your face without doing a little research on your own? We get it!


Stay tuned for some pointers that can help point you in the right direction, and be informed when it comes to what you want (and what you don’t!) on your face…

                                         Only You Have The Power!


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